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People are moving from one part of the world to another.

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Except in the Gambia it turns out that gushing, unexpected compliments are not strange at all. The taxi driver: “You are one in a million.” The transfer driver: “So do you have a Gambian boyfriend?

” The pool boy: “You shine bright like a diamond.” (Yep he stole a line straight from Rihanna and thought I wouldn’t notice.) I never knew being complimented could be so wearing but after a full week of it, myself and Jai began to grow a little tired.

He has made it.” We questioned him on how many times the girlfriend comes to visit the Gambia – about twice a year was the answer. Mamadi was apprehensive to tell us why but we had our suspicions.

He stopped to talk to an old lady who had called out to us. “She says this is how she will dance at our wedding.” Guess we had better book the venue then.

She appeared to be teasing him and he shook his head in embarrassment. Compliments do seem to be part of the Gambian nature though (and my newly inflated head would like to believe some of them had no ulterior motive).